Who sets up your wedding decorations?

Who Sets Up Your Wedding Decorations?

Today we’re cutting through some common nuptial confusion and helping you understand what actually goes on with your wedding venue decorations.

As wedding stylists, we’ve found through the years that many couples in Kent, and beyond, believe that their wedding venue will look after the decorating of their celebration space. They assume, understandably, that the on-site coordinator at their chosen venue will action their requests, and decorate their room according to instructions. However, in the main, this is not the case and in fact it is up to you to provide the wedding decorations, and set them up yourselves.

There are of course some wedding venues that will not only provide decorations, but also look after the assembling of them prior to your grand entrance. However, in our experience this is rare and if the service is available, it can often feel a little corporate.

Our focus today is on the majority of venues, and who and how you can perfectly decorate your wedding reception and ceremony.

Can We Look After the Wedding Decorations Ourselves?

A couple and their family/friends can certainly source decorations and set them up on the big day. If you are a creative pair that likes to DIY, and have a clear sense of what you like and dislike, the procurement of wedding decorations should be a rewarding experience. It can also, however, be an expensive one, with the cost of many small items purchased soon adding up. But if you’re prepared for this eventuality that shouldn’t be an issue.

Once you have agreed a time with your venue that you can enter the premises, be that the morning of your wedding or the day before it’s important that you pull together a team of friends and family who you trust to lay out your wedding decorations exactly as you planned. Make sure each one of them has photos of what each section should look like, centrepieces, place settings, wall decorations etc. You should, of course, do some trial runs weeks before, once all the decorations have filled up your living room, and bedroom! Taking many pictures of each part of your decoration, possibly with notes attached.

Now, if any of the above doesn’t sound like you, your partner or your friends and family – don’t set up your own wedding decorations! The process can be massively fulfilling, but it is heavily dependent on your wallet and your time. Preparing and purchasing all the decor yourself is overwhelmingly time-consuming, and almost always ends up being more expensive than hiring. That’s without mentioning the actual set-up of them. On the morning of your wedding, do you want to be up a ladder hanging bunting at 6am worrying whether it will all be done in time for your hair and makeup appointment? If not, then you will need to enlist your loved ones, and that involves placing a lot of trust in people you’re close to and putting pressure on them on your big day. We’ve seen this backfire so many times, and when it goes wrong it can leave a lasting hole in a once solid relationship.

Can I Hire Someone to Organise Our Wedding Decorations?

Depending on the company, a wedding venue stylist like ourselves will look after the job of decoration from start to finish. When you choose to work with Diamond Circle Weddings for example, you will be given the keys to our wonderland of wedding decor, props and lighting. You will be free to pick and choose, backed by our guidance and experience. Once you have selected your dream wedding decorations, you can then sit back, stress-free, safe in the knowledge that we are looking after everything for you.

On the morning of your wedding, or the day before, we will arrive at your venue and fully set up your decorations. From the dance floor and centrepieces, through to the chair covers, and props that create your big day theme. Whatever you have asked us to do will be expertly carried out and professionally finished. This will leave you and your loved ones free to relax, and get ready for the amazing day ahead!

This full service, including delivery, wedding decorations hire, set-up will almost certainly be more cost-effective than purchasing, and setting up yourself. And we haven’t even mentioned who breaks everything down and removes it from the venue for storage once the reception has finished!

Who Looks After the Clearing Up of Wedding Decoration?

The morning after your wedding day should be a continuation of the celebrations, be that with your nearest and dearest, or just with your partner. It should be a joyous time filled with honeymoons, brunches and the sharing of stories from the night before. It should not be a hungover trip back to your venue followed by your most responsible friends, to take down the wedding decorations. It is a thankless task, and one that is normally your responsibility. Choosing to take this on yourself means that you, or possibly just your friends cannot fully relax on your wedding night, knowing that someone needs to be on duty the following day.  It’s far nicer to have your lasting memory of your wedding and the venue as one where you waved goodbye to your guests after a last dance with everyone still buzzing from such a wonderful day.

So, the wiser choice is choosing a wedding venue stylist such as Diamond Circle Weddings, and letting us look after all of this for you. Whilst you are jetting off on your honeymoon, or recovering in your bridal suite, we will be liaising with your venue, and collecting everything from the night before. A much less stressful approach to the task, and something that is included in our packages as standard.

We hope we have settled any misconceptions you may have over wedding decorations, and maybe guided you towards a decision that is much more beneficial to you as a couple. We would love the opportunity to help you further, and become a part of your wedding team! Diamond Circle Weddings have the skills, decorations and knowledge needed to create the big day of your dreams, and remove any wedding planning stress you may feel. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas, and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. You are welcome to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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