Wedding Styling: 6 Invaluable Tips from the Experts

Precious things you need to consider when styling your wedding ceremony and reception.

When you first sit down to plan your wedding and think about its styling, it’s likely you’ll feel a little overwhelmed. This could be your first time organising and designing a wedding, or any big event. You may feel you don’t have a natural eye or flair for event aesthetics. But these fears can be easily overcome with patience, practice and Pinterest. That’s the three P’s, right?! Actually, that last P, Pinterest, can be the downfall of many newcomers to wedding styling because it’s just so never-ending! If you’re not careful you can easily end up in a tortuous spiral of DIY confetti tutorials and boho wedding arches!

The style you choose early on in your planning will inevitably carry through into every area of your special day. It can dictate the wedding dress, the bridesmaids and accessories. Alternatively, it can be the reverse and your wedding party can influence your wedding venue styling. The key is timing, decide early on which direction you’re going in and stick to it. Venue styling is significant, it sets the tone for your whole big day.

To help you get started we thought we’d share our bite-sized, easy to follow tips on wedding styling. This will help you begin your planning journey and realise the Pinterest-worthy wedding of your dreams in the right way.

Start with a Brief

Sounds boring, we know, but you can’t start anything without a plan. Sit down with your fiancé and discuss what you both want your wedding to be like. Think about what defines you as a couple, the (nice) words that people would use to describe you both. From there you can then chat about how you want people to describe your wedding. Not just how it looks, but also how it will feel.

Budget before you start Wedding Styling

It’s all too painful to see couples get excited about a particular wedding styling feature, only to realise it’s way out of their budget. We hate to see it. So set yourselves a realistic budget really early on. It’s also worth considering a venue stylist, as they will be able to keep a hold of your budget easily. Some couples presume that bringing a stylist onto their wedding team would inflate their costs, but in actuality it may well save you money in the long run and achieve a more professional finish.

Shine a Light on Your Venue’s Best Features

Before you start covering things up, consider the decor that is already present in your wedding venue. Draw attention to the finest elements in the room and focus on why you fell for this space in the first place. Often, elevation is all that’s needed and a great venue stylist will always have clever, individual ideas to achieve this.

Pick the Right Suppliers for You

We are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to decoration. We have a world of inspiration at our fingertips and it all can be delivered to our door. But when you’re looking for the right supplier to provide said wedding styling decoration, try and look beyond the product. It’s important that you find suppliers that you can trust because an untrustworthy wedding supplier can bring the whole house of cards tumbling down on your big day. That is why we, as wedding venue stylists, only work with suppliers in Kent and across the UK that we know and trust. That way you only have to invest in us and we’ll shoulder the rest.

Decide on a Palette of Complementary Colours

Sticking with one colour for your wedding styling is to be avoided. Instead, opt for a range of tones that all work well together and scatter those hues onto certain areas. This will not only give you a pleasing, modern look, but also help you to highlight certain areas of your venue, as we mentioned earlier.

Reworks Elements from Your Ceremony into Your Reception

Plan ahead and consider what items can be used in both your ceremony and reception. That way you’ll save on your budget and those elements you’ve lovingly selected will get a new lease of life in another location. For instance, you arranged for special lanterns to line your ceremony aisle, bring them outside and create an elegantly lit alfresco cocktail space. Maybe you used flowers to decorate the ceremony chairs, give someone the task of collecting them up and redistributing them throughout your reception.

Above all, have fun with your wedding styling. Create a unique look that reflects you both, and try and organise the details together, as a team. Also, consider hiring a wedding venue stylist to join that team. They’ll help you realise those wacky thoughts in your head and actually bring them to life.

Diamond Circle Wedding Ltd is an experienced decorative hire and planning company in Kent specialising in weddings and other milestone events. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. Please feel free to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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