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A Simple Guide to Wedding Chair Covers

Your chairs and their décor  introduce the colours and theme of your wedding to your guests.  This will then continue through to your reception so it’s important to get the covers right.


If you haven’t planned a wedding before, you may believe that chairs are just chairs, and that you’ll simply use the ones provided by the venue. But unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your chosen venue will have seating that reflects the theme of your big day. Some modern wedding venues do provide chair covers but these, on their own, are very generic and will not tie in with your colour theme.

Whether you’re looking to add a subtle touch of colour, texture, or you’re looking to hide unsightly banqueting chairs, wedding chair covers are a great and economical option. Event stylists and planners will all say that they are a must, and we personally believe they create an effortlessly chic look on your big day.

For anyone planning a wedding for the first time, we thought we’d put together a little guide on chair covers, and how you can use them to make your big day unique.


What are Wedding Chair Covers?

Wedding chair covers are pre-made slips that go over the entirety of a chair. These slips are used to cover any unwanted patterns, colours or wear and tear on rented furniture. They are thoroughly useful because they cover everything, from the very bottom to the top. White is the most popular choice of colour for wedding chair covers but you will see other colours available.  Black chair covers are the perfect alternative if you’re planning an evening affair.

Why We Suggest Using Covers for Your Seating

Besides what has already been mentioned, wedding chair covers also aid in helping you keep your theme cohesive. This is because they offer a blank canvas that you can decorate in any number of ways. Sashes, bows, brooches, flowers – the options are almost endless!

Chair covers are removable and easy to clean. This means that those little accidents after one too many champagne toasts are not such a big deal when compared to damaging the actual seating of your wedding venue.

Which Type of Chair Cover Do You Need?

Before you dive in and order 250 wedding chair covers, it’s important to know what type of seating is available at your venue. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to book your venue first.

The two main types of chairs you will come across are banqueting chairs, and Chiavari. The first is the most popular, and one you’ll be very familiar with as they are found in all hotels, older style restaurants and event spaces. The banqueting chair has a simple metal frame design, with a padded seat, sometimes patterned. The second, the Chiavari chair, is less common as they are fairly new in comparison to the banqueting chair. These chairs are very chic, light-weight and have bamboo-like joints. A Chiavari is pretty enough that it doesn’t need a wedding chair cover, and can simply be tied into the theme with a sash, ruffle hood or a chiffon drape. You may also come across folding chairs, but these tend to be at outdoor venues, or casual settings.  A new and fast popular chair is a cross back which lends itself to rustic wedding themes or outdoor tipi weddings. Each of these wedding chairs have their own unique styling options.  Therefore it’s important that you discuss style and size with your event decorator or planner before you make any hire bookings for chairs.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Chair Cover

A colourful bow, or sash can transform your wedding chair covers, and bring your whole theme together in an inexpensive way. These accessories come in a wide variety of fabrics, colours and sizes and will match your chosen palette exactly. These bows are often decorated with a brooch to add a subtle sparkle to the overall look. If you are having Chiavari chairs on your big day, their elegant look can be further enhanced with a simple floral embellishment or delicate fabrics.

If you are looking for wedding chair covers, it would be our pleasure to provide them for you. We have a comprehensive selection of covers in both white and black alongside a massive choice of bows and sashes. If the Chiavari or cross back  appeals to you we can provide these for your big day too! For more information and pricing for our wedding chair covers, head over to our contact page, get in touch, and we’ll be able to give you a free quote.

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