We all want a unique wedding


But why should that cost the earth?

Our unique and beautiful rustic table design has been designed and hand finished by the team at Diamond Circle Weddings.  We are a carbon neutral company who do not use single use plastics.  All of our wooden products are from eco-friendly sources.


Each 100 Hearts come from one tree


We all know how long it takes an oak tree to grow, and just like your marriage every tree is unique. Your relationship started just like the tree did, from a little acorn to small roots it has grown to this point where you are both committed to spending the rest of your lives together.  This oak tree was grown for you and to be part of your wedding.


Different colour hearts


The wood on the inside of the tree does not get any light so the wood is darker in colour, the wood on the outside of the tree does get light, so it's lighter.  When we design your tables we can put the darker wood on the inner tables and the lighter wood on the outer tables to mirror the growth of the oak tree.  All the wood is solid oak and comes from one tree and the wood grain is adjusted to fit each table.


Our wedding gift to You


At Diamond Circle Weddings we believe in outstanding and industry leading customer service.

So when you book our rustic package and you walk into the room to sit down to your wedding breakfast you will find two wrapped love hearts just for you as a wedding gift from us.

These hearts will be engraved with your married names and as they are made from solid oak a little bit of loving from you is all they need to last forever.

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