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How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Layout

Creating a seamless wedding reception layout will help to give your big moments impact and promote engagement between your guests.

There are many big decisions that have to be made when planning a wedding. One such vital task is deciding on your wedding reception layout. It’s up there with picking your colour palette and selecting that first dance song. It’s big because it impacts every other decision you’re going to make. Who cares that you’ve selected the perfect dance floor/DJ combo if nobody can actually reach it without climbing over the buffet table?

Planning the perfect wedding reception layout is an art in itself and it’s one that our team is very experienced in. Collectively we know how best to place every element of your reception, working together with your venue to create a look that is cohesive and stylish.

Today we share just how to navigate this daunting task and offer our expert guidance on how to pull off the perfect Wedding Reception Layout.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Reception Layout

Where Will the DJ and Dance Floor Be?

The main activity at your wedding reception (other than eating & drinking) will probably be dancing and so your layout should accommodate this first and foremost. Make sure your dance floor is centrally located, easily accessible and a focal point for your wedding guests. You’ll want your loved ones to be able to enjoy the scenes of dancing relatives from a distance, but without feeling like they are on top of each other. If your chosen wedding venue has a permanent dance floor you may not be able to move it, but you can certainly work around it, and find out from your venue how best to use it within the space.

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Select Your Tables

Before you decide on who is sitting where, you need to pick what size and shape your tables are going to be. Start with yourselves and choose how you would like to be seated. Would you like to sit together on a separate table from others?  Would you prefer to sit with just your family? Will the main bridal party sit on a top table?  Would you prefer to sit as heads of a very large table with all of your friends and family around you?

Once you’ve decided where you’re both going to sit and who you are sitting with you can then consider if you want round, rectangle, square or rows of tables joined together.  Perhaps you want all of the above!  This part of your wedding reception layout may be dictated somewhat by your venue as you could be using their tables and also working within the dimensions of their space. It is possible to hire in different shape and size tables though so don’t let what’s already at your venue be a fixed idea in your minds.  Think about the experience of your guests and how you’d think they would like to be seated but keep in mind at all times how this will look from your viewpoint on your wedding day as this is what will provide your lasting memories.

Pick a Good Spot for the Bar

The bar is always a popular place to be during a wedding reception and so this needs to be carefully considered when planning your layout. Avoid placing your bar near the entrance, near a fire exit or anywhere that has limited access, as this will cause an unwelcome bottleneck. Near to the dance floor is always a good spot or alternatively consider placing your bar in another room if you have the availability, as this will open up the celebration space and create other party areas.

Food Tables

Whether you’re having a buffet or not, there will still need to be dedicated areas for food. Your dessert/wedding cake table is the main one, and if you’re having a traditional tiered style, it deserves to take centre stage! Also, the cutting of the cake is a big wedding reception moment, so make sure your layout leaves enough room for your guests to gather round and take their photographs.

We would love the opportunity to help you further, and actually become a part of your wedding team! Diamond Circle Weddings have the skills, decorations and knowledge needed to create the big day of your dreams, and remove any wedding planning stress you may feel. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas, and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. You are welcome to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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