How to Plan a Tipi Wedding in the UK

Versatile in all seasons and effortlessly customisable, the wedding tipi is a wonderful place to celebrate in.

If you’re racking your brains trying to think of a unique, fun way to style your reception, we have the answer. The wedding tipi, the most on-trend way to celebrate your nuptials in the UK right now! It’s impossible not to understand why.

Choosing a tipi for your wedding means never needing to leave the great outdoors behind, whatever the weather. You can decorate it however you please and get creative with the features you place inside and out. Fire pit, hay bales, outside bar, lawn games, hog roast… the list is endless! They can also be set up anywhere, meaning as long as the space is big enough, you can celebrate wherever you choose with certain permissions in place, of course!

As wedding stylists in Kent, we offer wedding tipi hire as one of our special services. So today we thought we’d share our advice on how to plan a tipi wedding in the UK.


Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding

Does the Wedding Venue Have Enough Room for the Tipi?

Sounds obvious, but you must guarantee that the venue you’re marrying in (if it’s the same place as your wedding reception), has enough space for your tipi. If you’re planning to celebrate in a different place to your ceremony, then extras need to be thought about, like toilets and generators. If you don’t fancy yourself as the next Michael Eavis, then please do get in touch with a venue stylist like us. We will iron out all the creases and take care of all the necessary elements that need to be put in place even if your chosen location doesn’t have facilities.

Consider The Size of Your Guest List

The number of guests you’re looking to invite will affect the size, or quantity of tipis. Normally tipis can be linked together to create a ‘super wedding tipi’, but the organiser will need to know in advance if this is needed.

You Cannot Legally Marry in a Tipi

Unfortunately, a legal wedding ceremony in England cannot be carried out in a tipi but this is not to say you cannot have a ceremony within your celebration space. All you need to do is officially marry beforehand at a registry office, or church. Then simply create a bespoke exchange of vows in or around your tipi, with a celebrant presiding.

A Tipi is a Blank Canvas

Unlike wedding styling a regular venue, a tipi is actually a blank canvas. So, it’s important that you decide your decoration theme early on and stick to it. Otherwise, you may end up with a discordant theme of incoherent styling choices. That’s why having a wedding venue stylist is always a good idea. We can help you create a flowing theme, and only offer you choices that stick within that stylistic framework.

Good Lighting is the Best Decoration of All

Regardless of where your wedding celebration is located, having good lighting can make or break your decor. When hosting a wedding in a tipi, this couldn’t be more true as it is such a blank canvas, and it needs a lot of decoration to give it warmth, and character. The best place to start is lighting. Spotlights, fairy lights, draped lights, light up letters, lights in the trees.  Get creative with illumination and you’ll need less decoration.


There is no getting around it. We live in the UK and it rains, a lot! So, even if you’ve planned your tipi wedding for statistically the driest day of the year, expect rain. It probably won’t happen, but at least you’ve got a fantastic plan B, and you and your guests won’t be disappointed.

Give your Guests a Heads-up

Let your guests know early on that they will be attending a tipi wedding. That way they can dress appropriately if the floor doesn’t agree with heels, or bring another layer if celebrations will be held mostly outside. Also, if you’re setting your tipi up in a field, make sure everyone can get there, and get home safely.

We would love the opportunity to host your wedding in our tipi. The Diamond Circle Weddings team have the skills and knowledge needed to create the big day of your dreams, and remove any planning stress you may feel. Find out more about this special service here.

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