How to Pick Your Wedding Colours

Selecting the perfect wedding colours takes more than a casual Pinterest browse.  It demands careful planning and consideration as your choices will affect the rest of your big day styling.

Choosing your wedding colours can be one of the best parts of big day planning. It’s your opportunity to go wild with a colour you have always aligned loved or to explore a range of tones within a palette that you works well with the season. But it can also be a daunting task if you don’t feel very artistically minded, or you’re simply blinded by the endless choices of colour on offer. Either way, it’s vital that you nail down your wedding colours before you select anything for your big day. Because your colour scheme will affect every other styling decision you make, from bridesmaids and bunting, to centrepieces and chair covers – everything will need to tie in.

Creating a colour palette for your wedding is often a little more sophisticated than simply, picking your favourite two colours. Couples should consider the basic details of their wedding, like the season, location and theme. These elements will play a major part and we’ll explore why below.

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Colours

Pick a Base Colour

You may have many different colours present on your wedding day, but there needs to be one base colour that ties them all together. Choosing this predominant tone will guide your full colour palette and can be anything you like. But most importantly, it should be a colour that you actually do like, or even better, love!

Consider the Colours of the Season Your Wedding is Taking Place in

When changing a wardrobe around from summer into winter, we all automatically select items that reflect the season. The same goes for wedding colours. Your palette should reflect the natural world around you, and embrace the changing seasons, especially if you’re planning on celebrating outside. However, there are of course no written rules saying you must stick to this, but there’s no denying that some colours lend themselves organically to certain times of the year.

Embrace Your Wedding Venue

Hopefully, you have booked your wedding venue before you began to select colours, as the location of your nuptials can significantly affect your overall colour palette. If your chosen venue has a distinctive, or prominent colour theme already, then you will need to work in harmony with it. Avoid clashing by embracing the elements that drew you to that location in the first place. If, on the other hand, you have a ‘blank canvas’ wedding venue, such as a marquee or a large neutral space, you’ll have free rein to splash your chosen wedding colours as you wish.

Take a Look at Your Wardrobe & Home Decoration

Without knowing it, many of us have selected our dream wedding colours already. The clothes you wear, the colour you’ve painted your walls and the choices of flowers you make can all be used for inspiration when hunting for the perfect palette. This is because the colours you choose to surround yourself with say a lot about your personality and what you feel flatters you.

Get to Know the Colour Wheel

Once you have selected a base colour, and maybe one other tone you want present on your big day, it’s time to approach the colour wheel! This chart is a fantastic tool for wedding stylists, as it quickly shows us which colours complement each other. Check out Pantone, and you’ll see what we mean. The basic rules for colours are that cool and warm colours pair nicely together, as do colours that have the same primary colour base.

When consulting the colour wheel, pick two colours that are opposite each other, for example green and red, and you’ll see how they complement each other. The green makes the red more intense and vice-versa. Move around the chart and discover which tones work best with each other and maybe you’ll be able to work out all your wedding colours at once with this little tool alone! If you’re struggling to get your head around it, send us a message, and we’ll be able to guide you through.

We hope we have guided you towards the perfect wedding colours for your big day. We would love the opportunity to help you even further, and become a part of your wedding team! Diamond Circle Weddings have the skills, decorations and knowledge needed to create the big day of your dreams, and remove any wedding planning stress you may feel. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas, and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. You are welcome to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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