How to Make Your Wedding Unique

Almost every couple wants their wedding to be unforgettable. But how do you achieve that something special?

When looking at how to make your wedding unique, it’s vital that the first place you look is yourselves. Decide on what represents you both as a couple, and how did you get here? What was your first trip together? Where are you both from? What do you like to do together? All of these memories, details and more can be used to in your theme to make your big day unique.  If you don’t want a strong theme running through your wedding day, use subtle touches of the elements that make you you resulting in a memorable occasion that your loved ones will never forget.

But knowing exactly how to make your wedding unique beyond the brainstorm above is not always easy. That is why it’s vital you communicate your personality to your wedding planner or venue stylist. That way they can bring out your shared identity in your venue decoration. At the end of the day, your friends and family have all got together to celebrate you, so make it personal.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to personalise your big day and create something enduring.


How to Make Your Wedding Unique

Share Your Story

Your wedding day is one very special dot on the timeline of your lives together but you have had many adventures leading up to this point so now’s the time to share them. Get creative with your wedding stationery and tell your story throughout. Theme your save the dates, invites and on the day stationery to represent the lives you’ve led. From first date kisses and meeting family jitters, to romantic proposals and your first Christmas spent together. Bring it all together, share your unique journey and create a lovely wedding memento.

Create Your Own Hashtag

A wedding photographer is an essential booking but your friends and family can also make an essential contribution to the wedding photography and frame their experience using their unique perspective. Before the big day decide on your wedding hashtag, like #MrandMrsMorris,  #HammondsSayIDo2021 or maybe something truly unique that only your wedding guests would understand. Print the hashtag on your wedding stationery and ask people to use it when they upload pictures and videos. Then, once the dust has settled on your nuptials, you can visit your personal hashtag and discover those wonderful snapshots of the evening. Unpolished diamonds that will help you revisit those moments whenever you please. You could even create a special wedding photo album just for your Instagram hashtag!

Unique Wedding Favours

How to make your wedding unique and treat your guests to something sweet – that’s a winning combination! Wedding favours are a great way of carrying on the happy thoughts of your big day long after the cake has been cut. These could be something for your guests to use after your wedding – a packet of wild seeds for your guests to sow in their garden and remember your wedding with a smile as the blooms come up! What about glass star tied with a ribbon in your wedding colours that your guest might hang on their Christmas tree each year?

Create an Experience

During the pandemic we all felt that longing for a live experience, be it music, theatre or art. We were all starved of any form of immersive entertainment. As wedding venue stylists it’s important that we respond to the feelings of the public, and adapt our service to reflect their wants, and desires. From 2021 onwards, we believe there will be an upsurge in weddings that incorporate experiences, not just entertainment. This can take many forms, but if you’re looking at how to make your wedding unique, this is a very responsive way to do it. Not sure where to start? How about a DJ anda live band at your reception? That way you can gift your guests that feeling of live music again. Alternatively, re-create that restaurant feeling for your guests, with an à la carte reception dinner? Maybe look beyond the classic wedding magician, and hire an illusionist or a hypnotist to wow your crowd! The ideas are endless, but a good place to start is to think about what you wish you were doing this Saturday night, instead of being at home.

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