Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Simple ways to make your big day more sustainable

If this past year or so has taught us anything it’s that our small, everyday actions and movements can cause real reactions to the world around us. Right now, our own well-being and health relies on the wider population to be mindful of each other and respect more than just themselves. This ethos, we hope, will impact the public’s view on the environment in the long-term. As wedding stylists in Kent we are very proud to say that we are a carbon neutral company. We do not use single use plastics and every action we take when running our business is considered not just financially but environmentally too. When planning a wedding, the least impactful most sustainable way is always the right way for us. It is something that our clients really value and appreciate in our service. Some clients in particular want to go that extra mile and set out to focus on planning an eco-friendly wedding. This vision and wish is something which we are more than happy to accommodate and work on together for them.


Eco-Friendly Ideas for a More Sustainable Wedding

So today, we thought we’d share our ideas and tips on how to make your wedding eco-friendly, in the hope that it inspires you to make more sustainable choices. Because, ‘getting married shouldn’t cost the Earth’.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Where better to start than with eco-friendly wedding invitations. It should be no shock that sending out hundreds of paper invites through the post, doesn’t do great things for the planet. However, there are ways you can make the process more sustainable and still create the pre-wedding buzz you’ve been dreaming of.

Your options are bountiful these days when it comes to eco-friendly invitations, and normally they fall into three categories; companies that give back, companies that produce using recycled materials and those who do both! The latter is obviously the best option, and is fairly easy to find. Our favourite eco-friendly option, is the plantable wedding invitation. Laura Likes for example make wonderfully chic invites from recycled materials mixed with seeds, which can then be easily planted using simple instructions.


Choose an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

The biggest, and easiest way to be more eco-friendly on your wedding day, is to choose the right venue. A wedding venue that takes environmental issues as seriously as you do and shares your commitment to sustainable living. But it’s not just down to the venue to be green, your choice can be more carbon-efficient too. Think about the venue’s location. Your wedding venue may be the most eco-friendly place on the planet, but if it’s in California and you live in Maidstone that misses the point slightly. Consider the distance that you and your guests will need to travel and look to see if maybe they can travel as a group or via public transport if your venue is inner city (not to the ceremony obviously!).


Hire, Don’t Buy

Buying anything single-use is not good for the environment. When it comes to planning a wedding the eco-friendly option is always to hire rather than buy. It may well be tempting to bulk buy napkins or plastic glasses, but the more sustainable option is always to use quality, hired materials. Plus, it will instantly elevate the whole look of your wedding. As carbon-neutral wedding venue stylists we can provide everything you need for your reception, at a cost that will surprise you. We then pick it all up for you later in the evening when you and your guests have departed, or on the next day while you’re off on your honeymoon!


Don’t Cover Up Built in Decor

Our job as wedding venue stylists is always to enhance a space, rarely to cover it. So instead of sourcing new materials to cover walls, or ordering in mountains of flowers to fill a backdrop consider venues that already possess the things you covet. You want flowers? Choose a beautiful, natural location that’s full of them, like The Gardens for example. Or quirky? How about the pink chapel at Kent Life? Start off with the look you want, and you’ll have less to do to make it perfect.

Simply elevate the elements that already exist in your venue. Some expert lighting and statement props can enhance any reception room, at a much lower cost than bringing in huge amounts of extra resources. This will leave more room in your budget and have less impact on the planet.


We hope we have inspired your eco-wedding plans, and given you a little insight into how to make your big day more sustainable. If you would like further hands on wedding styling from us, and eco-friendly decoration of your venue in Kent, then we would love the opportunity to join your team!

Diamond Circle Weddings Ltd is an experienced decorative hire and planning company specialising in weddings and other milestone events. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas, and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. Please feel free to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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