Centrepieces for Wedding Tables: A Quick Guide

Don’t let the endless possibilities in centrepieces for wedding tables halt your big day planning.  Scroll through our easy to digest guide on how to get them right.


Your wedding tables are going to be one of the first things your guests see at your reception and the centrepieces play a major part in how impressive they are. Because of this and the unlimited options available, sometimes couples can get a bit stuck on how to actually decide on their centrepieces.

For this reason, we thought we’d put together a handy little guide on how to make sure your wedding tables create the statement that you desire, and to ensure that your centrepieces take the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Whether you’re creating centrepieces from scratch, or you have a wedding stylist like us working on your wedding tables, it’s good to know what your options are and maybe get some ideas.

Discover the Best Centrepieces for your Wedding Tables

Floral Arrangements

Choosing floral arrangements as centrepieces for your wedding tables is always going to be a very popular choice. Be it huge fresh blooms reaching to the ceiling or tiny bud vases filled with cut flowers – nothing says a wedding more than expertly arranged florals.

The key to getting these arrangements right is working with, not against, your venue. Tall arrangements work very well in large, open spaces with high ceilings, as the eye is drawn from the top to the bottom – further helping to create a greater illusion of space. Whereas in smaller venues these types of arrangements tend to crowd the room, and inflict a more overwhelming feeling. Intimate venues, or occasions lend themselves to interaction. So encourage that with your floral arrangements by keeping them small and easy to talk over.

If you’re opting for round wedding tables, choose wide floral centrepieces as you’ll have more room to play with, and won’t have to worry about blocking anyone’s view. Conversely, narrow arrangements look amazing on long, family style tables. Keep them low, flowing and ever-changing in order to encourage the interactivity of your guests, and interest in your design.

Vases or Plinths

Choosing some wonderful flowers for your wedding tables is only half the battle, your floral centrepieces may need vases too. The vessel you introduce your blooms to matters. The colour, style and material of your vases must echo the overall style of your tables, and the overarching theme too.  Another great option is to consider tall rectangular plinths which are open and don’t block the view across the table.

Overflowing Greenery

An abundance of greenery is one of the most modern choices for couples tying the knot in 2021 and beyond. Long strings of loose green leaves, and bunches of freshly cut vines create a very luxurious, chic look, without costing as much as traditional floral arrangements. They are perfect centrepieces for long wedding tables, running the length of the dining space and sometimes even flowing onto the floor. Perfect if you’re planning a boho, rustic-ish big day.


Placing candles in your reception space guarantees a romantic vibe, and a sophisticated feeling. It’s no wonder then that they are still one of the most popular choices for centrepieces on wedding tables. Budget-wise, they are also a cost-effective way to set a tone and make a statement, without costing the earth.

Obviously, candles come in all shapes and sizes, with an array of candelabras, lanterns and holders to fit them. At Diamond Circle Weddings, we have a wonderful range of candleholders, in styles that will suit any taste. From bold pillar style designs, to elegant silver candelabras and pretty tea-light holders. Head over to our wedding venue décor page, and get a feel for what we can offer you.


We would love the opportunity to help you further, and actually create the centrepieces for your wedding tables! Diamond Circle Weddings have the skills, decorations and knowledge needed to create the big day of your dreams, and remove any wedding planning stress you may feel. We are a team of professionals that take great pride in our unique ideas, and ability to transform spaces to reflect the vision of our clients. You are welcome to browse some of our past real weddings and also get in touch via our contact page.

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